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997 silicone door and window sealant

997 silicone door and window sealant does not require primer, it has good adhesion to most building materials and has excellent weathering resistance.
Product Description:
This product is a one-component, neutral, greenhouse-curing silicone sealant. Without primer, it has good adhesion to most building materials and excellent weathering resistance.

♦One component, easy to use
♦Neutral curing, will not corrode the surface to be adhered
♦Good adhesion to most building materials without primer
♦Excellent weathering resistance

The main purpose:
♦General installation waterproof and sealing of various door and window glass
♦Waterproof sealing of non-porous building materials
Products comply with GB/T14683 standard

♦The surface to be adhered must be cleaned before use to make it clean, dry and free of dirt.
♦In order to prevent the sealant from polluting the periphery of the joint during construction, protective tape must be used to protect it. The construction environment should be above, use manual or pneumatic glue injection gun to inject glue, inject evenly along the same direction in the seam, and then trim it into a groove. When the construction is complete, remove the protective tape.

​♦Please do a cohesive test before use and refer to our company's technical data.
♦If it gets into eyes accidentally, rinse with water immediately. To
♦Do not contact with skin for a long time, avoid contact with children.
♦Do not contaminate food, drugs, etc.

Packing specification:
Plastic hard bag: 300ml/piece, 25 pieces/carton
Casing soft pack: 590ml/piece, 20 pieces/carton

This product is not suitable for the following situations:
♦Weatherproof and waterproof sealing and structural bonding of curtain wall caulking
♦All materials that will ooze oil, plasticizer, and solvent
♦Vulcanized or semi-vulcanized rubber
♦Places subject to excessive friction and physical damage
♦​Frosty or wet surface

Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place below 28°C. The storage period is 12 months. 
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