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Use of multifunctional lubricating anti-rust agent for bolt loosening fluid
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A solid thread loosening agent, A solid 720 bolt loosening fluid, loose multifunctional lubricating anti-rust agent. Jiagu loosening agent, Jiagu 720 bolt loosening fluid, multifunctional lubricating antirust agent. Adhesive/riveting process instead of spot welding. It is reported in the literature that the use of modified acrylate glue for bonding, plus rivets instead of spot welding, can reduce its own quality and reduce energy consumption while meeting performance requirements such as strength and service life. The advantages. Huayu Jiagu 720 Runsong Multifunctional Loosening Liquid (450ml)

Introduction to thread loosening agent
1. Fully penetrate into the inside of the component, loosen the rust, make the bolt removal easier, and provide lubrication
2. It can be evenly distributed in the small gaps on the metal surface to prevent rust and corrosion
3. Can be used for lubrication and rust prevention of mechanical equipment
4. Make the equipment that is running poorly and making noise more flexible and smooth
5. Used for the maintenance and lubrication of office, home, sports and fitness equipment, and prolongs the service life
6. Used for contact repair and parts cleaning of electronic products.

Thread loosening agent usage method
1. Shake the tank well before use.
2. After erecting the metal pipe, spray the loosening fluid at a distance of 5~10cm from the object being sprayed.
3. For the parts that are locked due to rust or thermal expansion, after spraying 2 to 3 times, use a rubber hammer or other small tools to gently knock loose

The multi-function bolts are loosened, which integrates the functions of rust prevention, lubrication, and elimination of stubborn rust spots on various components.
The nozzle design is easy to operate, and the nozzle can be bent at will, so that the internal care of the parts is not so troublesome.

Precautions for the use of thread loosening agent
1. There is pressure in the tank, and it is strictly forbidden to hit or disassemble the container.
2. It should be used in a well-ventilated environment.
3. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, touch it carelessly, and wash it off with water quickly.


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