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Methsolid epoxy glue is used in electronic components
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Epoxy resin glue generally refers to an adhesive made with epoxy resin as the main body, and epoxy resin glue generally needs to be cured by adding an epoxy resin curing agent. The main characteristics of epoxy resin adhesive after curing are: electrical resistance, withstand voltage, water absorption, compressive strength, tensile (tensile) strength, shear strength, peel strength, impact strength, heat distortion temperature, glass transition temperature , Internal stress, chemical resistance, elongation, shrinkage coefficient, thermal conductivity, dielectric constant, weather resistance, aging resistance, etc.

Can a solid epoxy resin be used for electronic components?
A solid epoxy resin adhesive can be used on electronic components, in addition to the following applications:

1. Electronic and electrical industry: Epoxy resin can be used for electrical insulation materials, such as the sealing and pouring of rectifiers and transformers; the sealing and protection of electronic components; the insulation treatment and bonding of electromechanical products; the sealing and bonding of batteries; capacitors, resistors, etc. The surface of the inductor is covered.
2. Hardware jewelry, handicrafts, sporting goods industry: it can be used for signs, accessories, trademarks, hardware, rackets, fishing tackle, sporting goods, handicrafts and other products.
3. Optoelectronics industry: It can be used for packaging, perfusion and bonding of light-emitting diodes (LED), digital tubes, pixel tubes, electronic displays, LED lighting and other products.
4. Construction industry: It will also be widely used in roads, bridges, floors, steel structures, buildings, wall coatings, dams, engineering construction, cultural relics repair and other industries.
5. Adhesives, sealants and composite materials: such as the bonding of various materials such as wind turbine blades, handicrafts, ceramics, glass, etc., the composite of carbon fiber sheets, the sealing of microelectronic materials, and so on.

1. It is best to wear knitted or rubber gloves and use glue to avoid accidentally getting your hands dirty.
2. Wash with soap when in contact with the skin. Generally, it will not hurt your hands. If you accidentally come into contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately. In severe cases, please consult a doctor in time.
3. Please keep the workplace well ventilated and prevent fire and smoke when it is used in large quantities.
4. When there is a large amount of leakage, first open the windows for ventilation, pay attention to fireworks, and cover with sand before removing it.


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